Life is what inspires you!

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The first time a musician picks up his guitar is always magical and something to remember for a lifetime.

Russell Malone

Though Jazz as a genre of music has been part of Indian society as long as the 1920s, it has only recently gained prominence in the music scene. Especially in Bengaluru, what adds to this fact is that a lot of people are starting to appreciate this genre. Russell Malone is not an unknown name is the Jazz circuit. Having worked and toured with some of the greats like Ron Carter, Roy Hargrove, and Dianne Reeves, Jack McDuff etc, Russell is all set to perform in Bengaluru on October 18 at Windmill Craftworks. Talking to this jazz artist, we find out more about his journey.

International jazz musician Russell Malone will be performing in Bengaluru on October 18. We catch up with the talented artiste to discover more about the man!

The first time a musician picks up his guitar is always magical and something  to remember for a lifetime. Recalling the first time he picked up a guitar, he says, “I started playing the guitar when I was four at my church." Strumming his first toy guitar which was gifted by his mother Russell discovered his love for music. He connected instantly with anyone who shared his vibe, Russell adds, “I admire the works of legends like B.B. King, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Pat Martino.” Audiences in Bengaluru will get to listen to the Russell Malone Quartet which has Rick Germanson on piano, Neal Smith on drums, and Vince Dupont on bass who Russell says are wonderful musicians and great people. Life never fails to give you a reality check and thus stands true in this case. This American says, “After some time, the life you live is what inspires you! “

Talking about performing in Bengaluru and what we can expect from the show he says, “The audience should expect to come out and have a good time. Our job as musicians is to entertain people. When comes to the jazz scene in India, I need to spend more time here. I was here a few years ago, and what I remember was that people here were so nice to us. I'm looking forward to making some new friends.”

After this concert Russell will be heading back the USA but, we can definitely expect something new from him next year as he is  planning to record a new album.