Ashwath Narayanan, Krishna Excel with Virtuoso Renditions

Update: 2023-08-16 18:30 GMT
Ashwath set the tone for the evening with a varnam of HarikesaNallur Muthaiyya Bhagavathar Maye malayadvajan, in kamas. (Image: DC)

A stellar performance by Ashwath Narayanan drew wholesome applause from followers of Carnatic music and brought the curtains down on the mid-season festival of Kalasagaram.

The day’s show stealer was supported by Dr. K. V. Krishna on the violin, Phalgan on the mrudangam and Haribabu on ghatam.

Ashwath Narayanan’s rendition exemplified how being under the tutelage of a good guru and patanthara can pay dividends. The artiste belongs to the highly revered musical school of the maestro extraordinaire Palghat K.V. Narayanswamy.

Ashwath set the tone for the evening with a varnam of HarikesaNallur Muthaiyya Bhagavathar – Maye malayadvajan, in kamas. He retained the tempo all through three engaging hours.

He rendered Thyagaraja’s Kriti-Theratheeyagaladha in Gouli Bandu, which was well received. This was followed by a melodious presentation of Mamava Sadha in Kannada. After a brief alapana in Hindolam, he rendered the evergreen – Maaramanan of Papanasam Sivan. He exhibited the beauty of the song and raga bhava with consummate ease. Maamava sadha of Swati Tirunal also in Kannada. The alapana and rendering was soulful. A special mention has to be made about K. V. Krishna’s mesmerising raga alapana, which were in sync with the singer’s nuances.

Ashwath took Kambhoji as the main item of the evening, whose total essence he presented in 15 minutes. Matching him was Krishna. The Kriti chosen was - O Rangasayee of Thyagaraja in Adi second kalam.

The rendering of kriti, niraval and swaram was so amazing that the audience felt like they were ‘transported’ to Srirangam to have a darshan of Sri Ranganatha. Even though the swaras were too long, they, nonetheless, were enjoyable.

Sri Phalgun and Sri Haribabu exhibited their brilliance in Thani avathanam. It was followed by Raghava Thanane and pallavi. The raga was Kaapi thaanam while the pallavi was Vazhiya Bharatha Thirunadu Jathi Mathankalai Kadantha in Adi thalam obviously keeping up the national mood of the Independence Day.

Due to time constraints, the RTP was short but sweet. He concluded the concert with a mangalam. All in all, it was a memorable day for all those who made it to the concert. It marked a grand finale to the mid-season fest at Kalasagaram.


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