I’m nobody to judge: Dulquer Salmaan

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In his opinion, as a person in an influential position, what he could do is to put female actors first.

Dulquer Salmaan

Although many female actors of Mollywood raised questions when AMMA decided to reinstate Dileep, who is accused of being involved in the Kidnap and assault of an actress, majority of the male actors’ brigade remained silent spectators to it. However, after Prithviraj, Dulquer Salmaan spoke about it in a television interview. In his interview to a national channel, when the host asked him about the silence of young male actors of the industry, he said he generally steers clear of controversies.

“I feel today it is too easy to have an opinion. You just click a button, you have an opinion. But it is just a little tricky because all parties involved have only been nice to me. I have known all of them from when I was younger. I am not anybody to judge. I am not part of the Executive Committee. So I don’t know if I should constantly voice my opinion and get into that. I don’t know if it is my place to speak,” he explained.  He went on to say that in India, there are already many things like caste and religion dividing people and sex has become one more division now. “I would wish for divisions to stop,” he said. 

When the interviewer asked him whether speaking about it is awkward for him because the decision to expel the actor was taken when his father was the secretary of AMMA, he said, “It is because I know my father. I know how my sisters and I have been raised. I know the love and respect we have for women within and outside the family. It is harsh to judge him based on the cinemas or writing of the cinemas. It affects me when he is affected.”  And he made it clear he wanted to stay away from politics since a young age. “Whether it is national politics, politics in movies or even in friendship, I am not that kind of a guy.”

In his opinion, as a person in an influential position, what he could do is to put female actors first. “I always feel there are two sides. If I voice an opinion, I have to take a side. I am going to end up upsetting somebody or the other. With absolute respect for all of the women actors, I think all I can do is to put them first,” he said, and added that his movies hadn’t spoken misogyny. 

“My movies haven’t and they won’t. I think my generation has this awareness. The older cinema or in the times of the 80s or 90s, the writing was such. People didn’t have so much of awareness. Maybe, it wasn’t even discussed. It wasn’t even considered right or wrong. With passing times now, we have more awareness. There are definitely platforms for people to speak. The more we are informed/aware, I think we will continue to become more politically correct. I don’t think any person of good intent or conduct of nature would intend to hurt anyone's sentiment. I don’t think my superhero father would hurt anyone’s sentiments,” he said.