Chinmayi slams Rangaraj Pandey

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Indian film industry heroes being cast with heroines that should be as old as their kids is the norm.

Chinmayi with husband Rahul.

Playback singer and voice artiste Chinmayi, one of the torchbearers of the #MeToo movement in the south who made sexual misconduct allegations against noted lyricist and poet Vairamuthu, has dragged his name again in a recent post.

On her social media handle, Chinmayi has questioned popular television journalist turned actor Rangaraj Pandey’s decision to release the video of Vairamuthu’s recent piece of work Thamizhaatru Padai.  She posted “When journalists as influential as Mr. Pandey couldn’t grill, intimidate or even ask a few questions of Mr. Vairamuthu. This is how the Boy’s club works. Drive the girls to death but celebrate molesters. Nalla tamizh paNpaadu.”

One may recall how Chinmayi was animated in Rangaraj Pandey’s earlier talk show when Vairamuthu’s controversy exploded.    

Meanwhile, Chinmayi was trolled by netizens for supporting a double standard as she was promoting her husband Rahul Ravindhran’s recent directorial Manmadhudu 2 featuring Nagarjuna and Rakul Preet, which has liberal lip-locks and intimate scenes.   Netizens called her biased as she promoted the teaser of a film with a lot of close scenes.

Recalling one of her earlier tweets where she had said “Indian film industry heroes being cast with heroines that should be as old as their kids is the norm. It didn’t stop, did it”, her trolls called her a hypocrite.

Rahul quickly came to her defence and hit back at the trolls, in a series of tweets. “All you people trolling my wife after watching the Manmadhudu 2 teaser and calling her a hypocrite... exactly what is your problem with it? That there’s a kiss in it?! Since when did love making become not respecting women?! Did Chin or I give you the impression we’re anti-sex or something? In fact, I think the opposite... that it’s hypocritical and regressive to not talk about sex when our citizens have done it a minimum of 1.4 billion times. It’s how you shoot it that’s important. Perhaps if it had been shot exploitatively with a male gaze you might have been able to digest it easier... because you’re used to that, maybe. So chill and go make love folks. Not war. And for those trolling her for that old tweet.... watch the film before you jump the gun. Peace (sic)”