Sakshi sashays in style

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After bagging a bunch of films in her kitty, Sakshi leads us through her journey from modelling to working with superstar Rajinikanth.

Sakshi Agarwal

Sakshi Agarwal feels that her life is the same before and after Big Boss 3 where now she feels there is much more clarity of thought of what she should be and shouldn't be doing and a sense of responsibility for my Tamil Nadu audience.

“Fashion was something which always attached me never ever thought of a career in fashion or cinema”, relishes Sakshi. Today Sakshi says that she is in a frame of mind where she feel that she want to do something really big in life in terms of not being just known as a performer but also people should look up to her as a serious actor.

Initially, she wanted to be an IAS officer. She decided to do a course in fashion. While doing that, she got movies in Kannada and eventually got a chance to act in Tamil films as well. More than an actress, she likes to be remembered as a performer her passion for modelling was really huge.

Apart from modelling, who is Sakshi? “I love cooking, which is also my stress buster. I like to decorate my house and I think that makes me happy. Shopping is one of my favourite thing to do I'm basically a shopaholic”, says, Sakshi. She is a person who is open to new challenges and that's one thing that she loves about herself.

Talking about working with Rajinikanth, “Working with Thalaivar is a dream come true and I was on the sets of Kaala for 55 days. Irrespective of what comes on screen, the entire experience of working with him was a boon to my life. Perseverance, patience, and passion were something I saw in him and how is it for a Superstar to be down to earth was something that I saw while working with him and I think that's my biggest take away”.

Sakshi is been looking forward to her next films - Aayiram Jenmangal with GV Prakash and Teddy with Arya and  Cinderella.

She talks about the dubbing experience for the movie Action by Vishal, “I was actually shocked when I got a call from Sundar C sir's office for dubbing and I was quite taken aback. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of my own voice and I feel that there is too much bass in my voice”, says, Sakshi.

Sakshi wants people to look at her as a serious actor material more than being a heroine material and more of just a performer that's what she wanted to be known for.