Trisha Krishnan wants to act with Superstar Rajinikanth

Deccan Chronicle.  | Kirubhakar Purushothaman

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The actress feels she is extremely lucky to have survived in the industry for so long unlike her contemporaries over the decade.

Trisha Krishnan

Trisha Krishnan looked as gorgeous as ever, presiding over an event at a popular gold outlet in the city — NAC Jewellers — as she spoke to us. When asked how she has sustained herself in the industry for more than a decade when her contemporaries have long since disappeared, she laughs, “I just was talking to someone about this. It is a very backhanded compliment when you ask me how I am still relevant as an actor — ‘cause it’s my job! It is also flattering given  that it’s never happened before. I think I am blessed since people have waited for my films. It also means that more than talent or ability, luck plays a big part. And, I am very lucky.”

The actress, who’s shooting for the likes of Kodi and Mohini now, has been starring in a lot of horror-comedies — but she now feels she should recalculate her direction — “It’s purely coincidence. I did space them out well, but it somehow happened one after the other, and I should take a break from the genre now.” When probed on whether treading the glamour route right from her flick Samar with Vishal was a conscious decision, she denies it, saying, “I just do it if I like the film and the role; I don’t think about what will happen next. It’s black and white for me.”

Trisha, who will next be seen alongside Dhanush in Kodi, says she is excited about the political drama and adds that her role in the film is something she has never done before. She’s also one of the few heroines in the country who has acted with all the leading Kollywood stars including Kamal, Vijay, and Ajith. However, she does have one regret — ”I am really upset about not acting with Superstar Rajinikanth — I mean who wouldn’t? Even a budding star in the country would dream of sharing the screen with him.”

When queried whom she would like to pair up with from the new generation of actors, she quips, “I would like to act with Vijay Sethupathy and Siva Karthikeyan. They are doing some good cinema.” She is also impressed by the way more importance is being given to female actors in Kollywood recently — “I am doing a lot of films which are women-centric, and many upcoming directors, with whom I speak, are really interested in crafting such roles. There are many talented guys out there... who’d I like to work with? Karthik Subbaraj!”

 Of course, we have to ask Trisha about running into her alleged ex-boyfriend Rana at a recent awards show, where the two seemed to get along famously well again! She smiles impishly and gives the expected answer — “I choose to ignore that question!” The model-turned-actor, before making her film debut, had said she would not venture into acting. When asked how she feels about it now, Trisha laughs heartily — “After that, I just decided I should never plan my future! I now go with the flow; take every day as it comes. Because in an unpredictable industry like this one, you can’t say one thing and stick to it, can you now?”