I accepted Para because of Pa Ranjith: Samuthirakani

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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The film has Chandini, Nitish, Venba, Munishkanth, Shijumon in lead roles.

Ranjith and Samuthirakani.

Samuthirakani, known for choosing subjects with meaningful themes, is at it once again. The filmmaker and actor's next film is Para, directed by Keera, where he will be seen in the central role of a lawyer who raises his voice to represent the downtrodden sections of society. 

The film follows the story of a platform dweller, a pair of lovers who’ve eloped, an elderly couple, a thief, a lawyer, a politician, a policeman, and a dancer over a period of 12 hours — from midnight to noon.

Speaking at the promo meet of the film, Kani said, “It was Pa Ranjith who put me on to Keera sir. Ranjith never expresses his feelings much but he is very assertive. I see Ranjith in Keera. He knows exactly what he wants. The movie touches upon the issue of honour killing and Keera has given a solution to it.”

The film has Chandini,  Nitish, Venba, Munishkanth, Shijumon in lead roles.