Mysskin declares war on Vishal

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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Thupparivaalan 2 row takes a nasty turn

Mysskin and Vishal are bickering over Thupparivaalan 2.

The Mysskin-Vishal Thupparivaalan 2 row took a nasty turn on Thursday, with the former calling the latter a ‘scoundrel’. Speaking at a film event, the Psycho director, who was furious that Vishal had made his demands public on social media, lashed out at Vishal and shared his side of the story.

 Mysskin said he had considered Vishal as a brother and pointed out that their collaboration, Thupparivaalan, was a huge success. He claimed that he had written the story of Thupparivaalan 2 to help Vishal overcome his liabilities.

“After three flops, Vishal came to me for another movie. I told him a pan Indian subject, which revolved around a Kohinoor diamond, and it needed  Rs 20 crore budget. I already had a producer who was ready to fund the movie. So, I told him that I could give a different story with a budget of Rs 10 crore, which can be shot in Chennai. But Vishal insisted on producing that story under his home banner.”

 He responded to certain allegations by Vishal, saying “Vishal has said that I have spent nearly Rs 35 lakh for writing the script in London. Can he show me the proof? I have spent just Rs 7 lakh out of Rs 7.5 lakh committed to me. I have recordings as proof to show he hurled abuse at my mother and me and hit my brother when he countered him.”

 Mysskin stated that he had already completed 32 days of shooting and was forced to give a NOC to Vishal to allow the production of the movie.

 “Vishal, the worst is yet to come to you. This is just the beginning. If you think you are upright, let’s go for Kurukshetra war”, said Mysskin.

Meanwhile, Vishal’s Nadigar Sangam rival and ace producer Ishari Ganesh has extended his support to Mysskin and invited him on Twitter to direct a film under his Vels Film International banner, tagging Vishal’s ‘awakener’ tweet for producers.

He posted, “Mysskin Sir, We always believe in you and your script, Vels is ready when you are ready!”