Budding actor complains against SIFWA

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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The budding actor says he is ready with his script and planning to start his film soon.


AL Surya, a multitasking personality who is a motivational speaker, trainer, musician and novelist is debuting as a director and actor with a film titled Anita Padma Brindha,  based on a novel with the same name written by him. He has also brought out a music video Poonjolai, which had actress Padmapriya in the lead.

Surya had wished to enrol as a member of the South Indian Film Writers Association helmed by ace actor, filmmaker and writer Bhagyaraj, as the first step to register his script Anita Padma Brindha. Despite completing all procedures with SIFWA six months ago, Surya complains he has not heard from them yet.

Poster of Anita, Padma Brindha

Speaking to DC, Surya says, "All went well initially. They asked me to pay a membership fee of Rs 7,000 and I took out a draft favouring the association on April 17, 2019 drawn on Indian Bank and completed all the formalities like filling up the forms etc.  And, from then onwards, I am following it up with them and today having completed almost 6 months, I have not received my membership card. Despite my repeated calls and going in person, I am not getting a concrete reply. Sometimes, people in the office admin also give irresponsible replies. I wonder as to how an association with a big reputation and having Bhagyaraj sir as its head can afford to function like this."

The budding actor says he is ready with his script and planning to start his film soon. He also reveals he is contemplating to approach the issue legally if he does not hear from SIFWA. When DC contacted the South Indian Film Writers Association through phone, one of the staff, who did not reveal his name, said that he would take the matter to his higher authorities.