Bromance, Da!

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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Both on screen and off, the terrific bond Arya and Vishal share is easily obvious for everyone to see.

Arya and Vishal

Arya and Vishal shared a close bond when they came together for Bala’s Avan Ivan — which was just an extension of the closeness they share in real life too. On International Friendship Day, the two jovial actors share with us what friendship means to them and the unconditional love, which binds them.


I have a lot of friends — but my best friends in the industry are Vishal and Santhanam.

As far as Vishy is concerned, we were friends even before we entered cinema industry. We live one street away in Anna Nagar and hang out at the same tea kadai and visit the same gym as always! Our relationship has never changed — in fact, it is only becoming healthier day by day.

I never expect anything from my friends and if anything happens between us, it has to happen naturally. We don’t judge each other based on what we do.
Keeping me as a scapegoat, Vishal has been postponing his marriage. He always says, ‘I will get married when Jammy (that’s how I am known to my friends) ties the knot!’

I will get married only when I find a proper match, but I am happy being single as of now. As far as Santhanam goes, he is a simple, grounded and chilled-out person. Right from day one I could strike a chord with  and relate to him.
Outside the film industry, I also enjoy a good relationship with a person named Karthik — he is in the granite business and comes home twice a week. Karthik is also part of my Riders Club!


It is no secret that Jammy and I are great buddies. We share a lot of things and the best part is that we both are cool and even-tempered guys. I want to take this opportunity to share a few things about Arya and his down-to-earth nature, which I have not revealed so far!

Despite his star status, I allocated him with the responsibility of going and garnering votes from everyone during the Nadigar Sangam elections. He never even uttered a word and made sure every actor performed his or her duty.
But, here I have to tell you the fact that Jammy did it with full enthusiasm  because we gave him the responsibility of  bringing the actresses first!

People say a ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’. But even without me asking him for anything, he comes to my rescue. I can never forget one of Arya’s unbelievable gestures — he is the sole reason why I could release my film Paandiya Naadu as planned for Deepavali a few years back. The night before the film’s release, we had a major financial crisis, and were wondering how we could raise such a huge amount of money at such short notice.

I am always particular about keeping money matters away from my friends. But somehow Jammy came to know about it, called me and said, ‘Machi, don’t worry. I will sort out your problem.’

As promised, he came to me later with the funds, and helped me release the film.  That is my Jammy for you, everyone!