More support pours in for Rajinikanth

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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Rajini’s website crashed due to overwhelming response from his followers.


A day after announcing his political stand, Superstar Rajinikanth launched a website and an app on the Google Play store to enroll members for his proposed political party. The website crashed on Wednesday due to overwhelming response from his fan followers. Close sources reveal that Rajini has received closer to 60 lakhs people registering in it.

His mobile app ‘Rajini Mandram’ was also a hit with 5 lakh people registering in it. The interesting aspect is that several browsing centres in Tamil Nadu have offered a free registration for Rajini fans with a board outside their shops although they charge a few bucks for registering Aadhaar, ration and voter IDs.

In a short video posted on his Twitter account, the actor appealed to people to register themselves on the website to “bring a good political change in Tamil Nadu”. A message posted on the registration page on the website read, “This website will function as a tool to exchange information and also bring together people who want a good change in politics in Tamil Nadu”.

Rajini has said that the mudra (the yoga mudra made famous by him in the movie Baba) and slogan will be the guiding line for his proposed party. Speaking about what is spiritual politics, he stated, “Spiritual politics is sans any cast and creed. Truth, hard work, growth, good thoughts, and good deeds are the motto of spiritual politics.”

The interesting aspect is that people as a family are registering on Rajini’s website, says Shankar an ardent fan of Superstar. “The website has a provision which allows as many people to register in a single log in. My extended family has 28 members and all of us registered along with me when I logged in to register. That way the numbers increase in multi folds in a short time,” he revealed. And not to forget, most of the families who register as groups are uploading their pictures on their social media handles with ‘Baba Mudra’ sign intact.

The total Rajinikanth fan clubs would now be around 75,000 with each club having at least 25 members. And, needless to say, all these families have fans across all age groups. Reacting to a question from a fan who asked if his 15-year-old son who is also a big fan of Thalaivar is eligible for registering since they ask for voter ID details, he said in his characteristic laugh, “Anyone can register, irrespective of age.”

This clearly asserts that anyone who wants Thalaivar to plunge into politics can access the website and register. Ultimately, this  shows the ‘star power’ of Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu.