Birthday celebration in Belgrade for R Madhavan

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I miss my wife and son.

R Madhavan

R Madhavan’s career achievements from television icon to Mani Ratnam’s favourite actor  in Tamil to a successful stint in Bollywood , are staggering.As  he turned 49 on June 1, Madhavan’s crew members in Belgrade surprised him with cake curting at a party  while sharing lots of  warmth.

“I miss my wife and  son. Son Vedant  is participating  in a national  swimming championship, so my wife Sarita is with him,” says Maddy.

I’ve known Madhavan for  23 years. He hasn’t changed at  all, physically  or otherwise. When I caught up with him in Belgrade to  wish  him  a happy birthday and  to hear of his plans, Maddy (the only actor whom I call by his nickname) reminds me that we  never forget  each other’s birthdays, no matter what.

“It’s rare in this business. But then I’ve always been a part and  yet apart from showbiz. For one, I’ve been married to the same woman for 20 years. In fact it’s  our wedding anniversary  in  a couple  of days. And my wife Sarita will be joining me here,” says Maddy from Belgrade where he is shooting in freezing weather for his Nambi Naryanan bio-pic.

There  is  a small  birthday celebration  with  the  unit. “And  then we  immediately got back to work,” he said.

Madhavan’s only son, 13-year old Vedant, is in Pune  for a national swimming championship. “By God’s grace he has  turned  into a fine swimmer and that’s what he wants  to do in  life. My wife and I are happy to see  him accomplish so much in  so little time.”