Dinesh in a rural comedy

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anupama Subramanian

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The humour is well embedded in the script and screenplay.

Kalavani Maapillai

It looks like actor Dinesh is on a film signing spree. With his political satire Annanukku Jai hitting the marquee this Friday, he’s already focusing his attention on his next project a rural comedy called Kalavani Maapillai. 

The film is being directed by Gandhi Manivasagam, son of popular filmmaker Manivasagam, and it has Aditi Menon playing Dinesh’s love interest. 

Talking about the project, Gandhi says, “I want to follow my dad’s successful formula for making a commercial comedy film. KM is a rural comedy without a separate comic track. The humour is well embedded in the script and screenplay.”

The filmmaker also reveals what the film’s storyline is about, saying, “Women are careful about so many things from buying vegetables to selecting sarees and jewellery. But when it comes to choosing their life partners, somehow they end up goofing up. The film is about a mother who’s had a miserable life after picking the wrong man, and how she wants to prevent her daughter from making the same mistake.”

The film’s supporting cast features Anandraj, Devyani, Manobala, and Munishkanth. The music is being composed by Rahnandan.