Patrick Stewart's Twitter gets hacked by pornbots, X-rated images posted

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Lewd messages flanked by highly NSFW images were posted on Patrick Stewart's Twitter feed, after it got hacked.

Patrick Stewart will soon be seen in Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolvernine, 'Logan'. (Pic: Patrick Stewart twitter, AP)

Mumbai:  Patrick Stewart's Twitter feed was hacked by suspected pornbots, who later posted X-rated tweets and images on his feed.

The actor, who's all set to feature alongside Hugh Jackman in the latter's swansong as Wolverine, 'Logan,' has over 2.3 million followers on his Twitter feed.

Fans were quick to notice the unsavoury messages and immediately began commenting on it.

The first indication of something having been amiss showed up when his Twitter Avi was changed to that of a young, blond girl, and his Twitter display name to Rebecca Slater.

This was followed by lewd tweets flanked by images of scantily-clad or absolutely in the buff women.

The actor's representatives noticed the hack within ten minutes and immediately commenced work on retreiving his profile.

The actor had become a victim of pornbots, that target unsuspecting individuals, that often show up in chatrooms and adult website links.