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Hugh Jackman is back at what he does best: melting our hearts!

Hugh Jackman

Anything about Hugh (melt-our-heart) Jackman is worth talking about, or so we think. So when he steps out of a café after hanging around with his friends, that’s worth talking about, right? And all the more so because it’s hardly ever been that spotting him hasn’t caused us to miss a heartbeat!

And so it was this once too, when the 50-year-old Logan actor stepped out of a café at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. Looking fabulously good (as always) and in amazingly good spirits, he was all smiles.

The Wolverine actor is currently on his tour called ‘The Man. The Music. The Show’. As per Justjared, he will be performing at the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, on September 6.