Nothing is impossible for Bella Thorne

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Actress and singer reveals that she taught herself to read and count much later in life.

Bella Thorne

The 21-year-old Midnight Sun star Bella Thorne reveals that one of her biggest accomplishments is that she taught herself to read and count later in life. reports the young artist as saying, “I learned how to read from reading scripts,” adding that she “learned how to count from counting her dad’s cash.”

Thorne also went on to share that she’s since conquered goals that no one thought she ever would.

“I was tone deaf and I now own a record label and I’m signed to Sony as an artist and I can sing acapella like a bitch ass, so f- with me,” she said, adding defiantly, “I had $200 to my name by 18 and bought a house by 19. I never learned to write a script, but I’m writing a series and got an Oscar winner to play my mom. I’m out here doing s- that people say is impossible.”

Earlier this week, Thorne also made headlines after releasing her own nude photos in an attempt to take power back from a hacker. While many supported Thorne’s decision, some, like 63-year-old actress Whoopi Goldberg were less sympathetic and blamed her for taking nudes in the first place. While Thorne addressed Goldberg’s sentiments on her Instagram stories, she was seen breaking down into tears, prompting several celebrities to come out in her support.