Jimmy Kimmel hits out


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Jimmy Kimmel was back on his show and hit back at a few politicians.

Jimmy Kimmel

After a week-long paternity leave, Jimmy Kimmel was back on his show and hit back at a few politicians who criticised his emotional monologue regarding his son’s heart surgery.

“One week ago tonight, I made an emotional speech  that was seen by millions and as a result of my powerful words, Republicans in Congress had second thoughts about repeal and replace, they realised that what is right is right, and I saved health insurance in America! Oh, I didn’t? They voted against it anyway?,” he joked and went on to talk about the negative comments that he received, especially from a former speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, who had said that hospitals would never turn away a sick baby.  

People.com reports that in response, Jimmy said, “Yes, it is true that if you have an emergency they will do an operation, and that’s terrific if your baby’s health problems are all solved during that one visit. The only problem is that never, ever happens,” and explained that the number of times they visited the doctor were too many.