These are a few of her favourite foods

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Kareena has passed on her love for dairy to Taimur

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor will soon be welcoming a second baby with her husband Saif Ali Khan. As an expectant mother, she’s indulging in her favourite foods, and the couple’s three-year-old son Taimur is picking up some of her eating habits, says the actress.

“I’m a huge dairy fan,” says Kareena. “I love cold coffee and ghee. Taimur has imbibed the way I eat; he has grown-up seeing me asking if ghee has been added on my roti or in my chawal (rice), so now, he says, ‘Amma, ghee daalna’ (add some ghee)” every-time,” she shares. “My grand-mom used to eat a bit of ghee directly from the jar. I don’t do that, but people from that generation had super-healthy bones,” the actress adds.

Listing her favourite food, she says, “One of my indulgences is home cooked Atte ka Halwa (wheat halwa). My cook makes amazing Atte ka Halwa in pure, single origin ghee.”

Talking about her habits during this time, Kareena says, “One thing I’m doing differently in this pregnancy is sleeping a little more. I’m an eight-hour-sleep girl, but I sometimes sleep nine to ten hours.”