Sanjay Dutt banks on Mahesh Bhatt again

Deccan Chronicle.  | subhash k jha

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The film brought Dutt back into the limelight.

Sanjay Dutt

In 1986, when Sanjay Dutt’s career and life hit rock bottom, it was Mahesh Bhatt who came to the rescue with Naam, a kitschy compelling tale of two warring brothers, one good and the other bad, and their righteous mother played by the great Nutan.

The film brought Dutt back into the limelight. And now, post his incarceration and release, as Sanjay Dutt faces a string of failures including his most recent release, Prassthanam, it is Mahesh Bhatt again to the rescue. (The director has not directed a film since Zakhm in 1998.)

According to a source, “Mahesh was coaxed out of retirement from direction not because he wanted an opportunity to work with his daughter, Alia Bhatt, but because he felt obligated to put Sanjay Dutt back on his feet. Bhatt sahab’s logic was simple. If a biopic on Dutt (Raju Hirani’s Sanju) can evoke so much enthusiasm, what stops Dutt from reclaiming his earlier stardom?” We will soon have an answer.