Emraan Hashmi-Rishi Kapoor connection

Deccan Chronicle.  | Lipika Varma

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The two actors are more than just co-stars and neighbours as both have had close ties with cancer.

Emraan Hashmi

Life has not been easy for actor Emraan Hashmi’s son Aayaan, who was diagnosed with rare kidney cancer in 2014, when he was just three years old. The actor has been very vocal about the young one’s journey, and even co-authored a book titled The Kiss of Life.

 Incidentally, the actor’s talk about cancer also reached the ears of his neighbour Rishi Kapoor, who only recently returned to India after extensive cancer treatment in New York. The two actors are also working together on The Body, a thriller film.

“Rishi is a very fascinating personality. He is someone who speaks his heart openly. Without an iota of doubt, he is so passionate about his work ethics. He never felt exerted at all while shooting for hours together. We are neighbours. We talked about my grandmother and many more things,” Emraan shares about his co-star.

As for discussing his son Aayaan’s condition with Rishi, the actor says that it happened well before Rishi fell ill himself. He adds: “I remember during our conversation, which happened before Rishi went to New York, he was inquiring about my son and I had given him a book to read that had a mention about the disease and my son’s suffering. Ironically, he (Kapoor) fell ill four months after that.”

The two next caught up after the Bobby actor returned from New York post his treatment. “When we met recently, I think he underwent 11 months of treatment. When he came back, he was discussing life post his illness. Actually, we did not have any prolonged discussions about his illness. I am happy that he is looking fresh and fit after the treatment… it’s good,” Emraan concludes.