The curious case of Sanjay Dutt's cancer

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Netizens troll actor Sanjay Dutt, who announced he was cancer-free. They wonder how anyone can be cancer-free in two months

Actor Sanjay Dutt

On 12 August, actor Sanjay Dutt had announced — a few days before his film Sadak 2 released — that he was unwell. Several reports emerged that he was suffering from Stages 3 and 4 of cancer, although the Dutt family, including sisters Priya and Namrata and wife Maanayata, maintained a stoic silence on his health, asking fans and media not to speculate.

That, however, did not stop the speculations. We told you first that he was cancer free on Tuesday, before the actor released the statement on Wednesday, 21 October — on his children’s birthday — that he did not have the disease anymore.

While many expressed joy about him having cured, hailing the medical world, cynics took it upon themselves to post a multitude of memes etc. on social media, questioning the veracity of whether he did suffer from cancer in the first place.

It can be recalled that social media trolls had even said that it could be a ploy to promote Sadak 2, which had released on August 28.

One such cynical Twitter user tweeted, “I remember my comment of August 25 on one of the posts of Sanjay Dutt when I said the same thing that Sanjay diagnosed with Cancer is all fake (sic).” Another skeptic mocked the possibility of Sanjay Dutt healing by stating, “I demand that the Nobel Prize for medicine must be given to #SanjayDutt and team of his doctors, for discovering a magical formula to recover from the 4th stage of cancer in just four months (sic),” wrote.

The twist in the tale

We’ve heard that Sanjay was treated for the past two months at the Kokilaben Hospital by Dr Sewanti Limaye, who is an oncologist ( specialist), with a medicine degree from the US. “Sanju never said what stage of cancer he was in. So all those who speculated that it was Stage 3 and Stage 4 can go take a walk with their theories. Now they are using the same theories to wonder how he can get well,” says a source.

Another oncologist, on the condition of anonymity, says, “It all depends on what stage the cancer is in. Sometimes, it can get removed immediately if it is a small growth. The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) report seems to have shown no signs of any cancerous cells being present at the moment, which is good news and needs to be celebrated, not questioned. Someone’s life has just been prolonged.”