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Arjun has been helping people to help themselves

Actor Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor had invested in an emerging food delivery start up, FoodCloud, sometime back with the aim of doing his bit through his business platform to improve gender parity and also help people be self-reliant during the pandemic.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown extraordinary challenges at people,” says Arjun. “It is heartbreaking to see the loss of lives, the loss of employment, and I have tried to empower as many people as possible through our venture.”

The actor reveals that his platform has helped 1000 home chefs turn into entrepreneurs during the lockdown. “We have managed to create about 1000 new food entrepreneurs from across the country on our fast-growing platform and that’s a big achievement for us because these people have become self-reliant in this stifling lockdown situation. We have always wanted people to realise their dreams through self-reliance, we have always been vocal for local companies,” he says.

He is particularly happy that these fledgling entrepreneurs have found a new way to feed their families and take care of their needs. “We are proud that they have chosen us to be their vehicle of dreams,” he signs off.