Imran Khan’s marriage in trouble?

Deccan Chronicle.  | subhash k jha

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According to reports, Imran and Avantika have apparently taken a mutual break from their marriage.

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik

Imran Khan was at the top of the game when he married his long-standing girlfriend Avantika Malik in 2011. Soon after the marriage and fatherhood, his career fell apart in a way that’s inexplicable, but not uncommon.  It was the lull in Imran Khan’s career after his marriage that seems to have killed this beautiful couple’s togetherness.

For a while, Imran claimed he was on paternity leave, enjoying his work-free time with his newly-born daughter. A   friend  of  the couple  says, “You have  to  understand  that Imran has not worked  in any film since the thundering flop Katti Batti  in 2015. To simply  hang around  the  house  playing Papa, attending parties with  his high-profile wife and  give an occasional response to social issues on  Twitter is  not  a  healthy way to  keep a marriage  going.” Sources  say  Imran’s  dead-end career has killed his marriage.