‘Working with Kangana Ranaut was interesting’

Deccan Chronicle.  | Lipika Varma

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In the trailer of the movie, a scene of Kangana kicking Jassi has caught everybody’s attention.

Jassie Gill.

Jasdeep Singh Gill aka Jassie Gill is a force to be reckoned with both in the musical field and on the celluloid. Having worked in a few Punjabi films such as Mr and Mrs 420 and Sargi among others, Jassi made his Bollywood film debut in Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi. And now with his second Bollywood outing Panga, Jassi has been raking in a lot of recognition, especially for playing a pivotal role of Kangana Ranaut’s husband in the film.

Talking about his experience of working with Kangana, Jassi delves, “People usually ask me if Kangana misbehaved with me during the shoot.When I simply tell them that she made me comfortable while shooting scenes with her, people do not trust me. In fact, it was an interesting experience, and I was very comfortable working with her. I also learned so many nuances of acting while watching her act.”

Since the singer-turned-actor is portraying an intimate role of a husband, Jassi reveals that the two actors bonded in their leisure time to develop their on-screen chemistry. “We had a lot to converse during our leisure hours as she has lived in Chandigarh. Since I too belong to Chandigarh, we became very comfortable talking about that place,” gushes Jassi.

In the trailer of the movie, a scene of Kangana kicking Jassi has caught everybody’s attention. Jassi, however, mentions that as an actor, he kept up with professionalism despite getting kicked hard by the Queen actress. “It was the demand of the scene, and I was kicked some four to five times. It was indeed a hard kick, but I was okay with it because in order to make the scene look real she needed to kick me hard. Also, whenever an actor is taking up any role then it’s his or her duty to be in sync with the director. I was trying to give my 100 per cent in this scene to make it look real. Kangana also gave her best in terms of kicking me hard,” laughs the actor.