Amitabh Bachchan in better health


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The veteran actor, who was recently admitted to the hospital, is all geared up for Diwali celebrations.

Amitabh Bachchan

The forthcoming Diwali party at his house has energised Amitabh Bachchan enough to get better quickly after being admitted for cough and cold. “Nostralacious relief .. and all of a sudden the World seems to look a bright and sunny day .. there is a calm about .. there is the shwetambari delicate organised care management .. and for months after, finally a view of the SURYA... So rush dear ones .. rush to gather, to imbibe, to render, to share .. for the delight in its giving is immeasurable (sic),” wrote Bachchan on his blog on Friday.

“He is much better now and has recovered from the cough and cold he had. He is scheduled to return home in a few hours after being discharged. There are huge preparations for Diwali to be held at Mansa — the new property purchased by the Bachchans. There is a huge playground designed exclusively for Aaradhya where all family functions take place and that is where the Diwali party will be held this time around,” says a source. Bachchan was admitted to the Nanavati Hospital and sources close to Bachchan and hospital staff were quick to dispel any rumours, stating that it was a routine check-up though he was admitted on Tuesday late-night. Bachchan had a low-key birthday celebration last Friday, though he did come out of both his bungalows to wave out to fans.