I feel confident about coming back to the show: Ankita Lokhande

Deccan Chronicle.  | Lipika Varma

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Ankita Lokhande speaks about her return to Pavitra Rishta. About her late co-star, Sushant Singh Rajput, she says he was a good co-star

Ankita Lokhande

The much adored Archana-Manav couple is back with the second season of Pavitra Rishta coming back on the television screens, premiering on Zee 5 and will soon be available on ALTBalaji. However, Ankita Lokhande, who was paired with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the first season of the series, will now be seen with Shaheer Sheikh who plays Manav.

Undoubtedly, business wizard Ekta Kapoor seems definitely aware of the timings and the content that will not only sell but also garner huge eyeballs. After Sushant’s death, Ankita, who was his ex-girlfriend, too was making headlines. So, one could wonder what better than Pavitra Rishata 2 to keep the momentum on.

Ankita is delighted. “It’s never too late and I’m back again and I’m super excited about Pavitra Rishta 2,” she tells us. “My anxieties knew no bounds on the first day and I was really nervous. But soon I relaxed and knew then what I was delivering to people so I was quite happy about that. But yesterday, the way people loved the show, I feel fortunate — we never expected this much love. I feel blessed that I can do justice to Archana once again.”

While on the one hand a few on social media are all gaga over the fresh pairing, on the other hand, many do not wish to see a replacement of Sushant aka Shaheer Sheikh. Then again, as they say, the show must go on. Here are excerpts from our interaction with Ankita.

Q You debuted in Pavitra Rishta and with the late Sushant Singh Rajput. How does the new season feel?

It felt the same. It was a memorable day. We were all sitting in the hall and watching Pavitra Rishta. The TRP was very high. We hadn’t expected this much love. I feel soap opera has been a blessed show and people love it. I feel fortunate to come back to the show. 12 years is a long time and it’s a full new generation.

Q How was it working with Late actor SSR who broke the ice?

I don’t wish to talk about Sushant. All that I can reveal is that he was a very good co-star and a very supportive one.

Q Social media has been abuzz with good/bad comments on Sushant’s replacement. Your comments?

I don’t know about the bad comments because I always read the positive comments only. Also, I haven’t gotten any bad comments on my Twitter. Then again, just like life, others’ comments are according to each of their thoughts. I have no problem with those.

Q How do you look at your journey in showbiz?

I am a content kind of a person, following my heart and not running after things. My journey has been short and crisp. I got a great opportunity via Pavitra Rishta and I owe my journey in showbiz to it. Here, I made innumerable relationships with people, who’re still in touch with me. Incidentally, to survive, the most important thing is love. My family has been my strength, standing like a rock behind me. What more can I expect? In one word, the life I’m living has been great.