Aamir ‘caught’ during detox


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Actor tunes back into the digital world to catch his friend’s directorial debut

Aamir Khan

A day after quitting social media, the actor was on it to watch his old friend Amin Hajee’s film Koi Jaane Na, in which he has a song and dance routine. And by the looks of it, Aamir seemed happy with his friend’s work.

“Amin Hajee has made his first film and I am happy that he has made a good film. Whether a film does well or not is not in our hands. Even I have no control on what happens with my film; it is in the hands of god and the audience. It is entertaining, it has a suspense factor and there is a fair degree of romance as well and the audience gets involved in it. So I really enjoyed it,” he says.

When he was asked why he ‘ran away’ from social media, Aamir quipped that journalists should be happy that he did. “There are so many theories being floated. It is not for any of those reasons. I am always in my own world. Where do I really indulge in social media? I am here right in front of you. Now I will only be able to talk to the audience through the media. So you should be happy and I trust you guys fully,” he said.