Stars, chorus dancers at Ambani sangeet

Deccan Chronicle.

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Paisa pheko tamasha dekho, seemed to be the ruling sentiment at the Ambanis’ wedding festivities.

Superstar Salman Khan can be seen dancing in the background as the Ambanis take the centre stage.

Not only were  Bollywood’s superstars willing to take a backseat  to the Ambanis at their celebration, they were also more than happy to do what they were asked, whether it was to pose for pictures with the guests or dance with the excited kids.
But such compliance from the superstars came at a price, sources said. Each of the superstars at the sangeet was paid a hefty price for making their presence felt at the celebrations.

Sources say the A-listers who danced and partied as if there was no tomorrow, were each paid Rs 2-3 crore as a “token of appreciation.” They were flown in special chartered flights and the celebs’ fabulous Manish Malhotra kind of designer wears too looked like it was gifted by the Ambanis.

“No star in Bollywood would refuse an invitation from Mukesh Ambani. But to get the stars to actually participate  in the celebrations, the hosts  insisted on making it worth their while. That’s how we saw the biggest stars at the sangeet ceremony do what they wouldn’t dream  of doing otherwise, such as sportingly playing props to the Ambani sons. It was something to see SRK’s reclusive wife, Gauri, dance on stage with her husband,” says a source. SRK has famously labelled himself a ‘bhand’ (street performer), willing to dance at any private function for a price. But what about his reclusive wife?

As for Beyonce’s performance, we hear her fee was more than the combined fees of all the Khans who were present at the wedding!

Hillary Clinton, however, came only as a gesture of goodwill, though we won’t be surprised if  one of the many global charities that she works were to receive a generous cheque from the Ambanis soon.