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Alia bhatt unfazed by Kangana Ranaut's nasty barbs

DECCAN CHRONICLE | subhash k jha

Published on: April 12, 2019 | Updated on: April 13, 2019

Alia Bhatt.

Mumbai: Alia Bhatt is undoubtedly ruling the box-office at the moment, something which Kangana Ranaut is apparently having a hard time digesting. While the resentment and envy is quite understandable, it is the manner of venting that is most inappropriate.

When an entertainment portal recently compared Kangana’s performance in Manikarnika with Alia in Gully Boy, Kangana snapped back, "I am embarrassed...What is there to beat in her Gully Boy performance....same snappy muh phat girl...Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment please. Media has taken the love of filmy kids too far...stop pampering mediocre work or else the bar will never be raised."

On her part, Alia has chosen to ignore Kangana’s seemingly endless barbs and insults.

The genial actress who is known to never  speak against anyone says regarding the statement, "I respect Kangana’s work a lot and her opinion too. If she feels a particular way, she must have a reason to feel that way. I would rather remember how much she had praised me after watching Raazi. And I’d like to just focus on my work. Maybe she will appreciate me  again if I work hard enough."