I'm becoming more confident'

Saiee Manjrekar talks about the influences that have shaped her life and career

Update: 2023-06-11 04:18 GMT

Saiee M Manjrekar, best known for her roles in Dabangg 3 and Major opposite Adivi Sesh, is gearing up for her film opposite iSmart Shankar star Ram Pothineni. The actress opens up about life lessons and her journey in films so far.

My father, my inspiration

As the daughter of film director, actor, writer and producer Mahesh Manjrekar, Saiee says, “My father and I, like any father and daughter, have a really sweet bond. I believe he is the ideal critic. He’ll tell me where, when and how I went wrong, or where, when and how I went right.  And I think it’s ideal because he’s a director, and it’s all so much fun. And, as a father, he’s so easy to approach, speak with, ask questions of, and be open and honest with. I’m glad we have that kind of relationship. And I really want to work with him in the future.” Talking of how she kicked off her acting career, she says, “I grew up watching Inception, and I feel that was when the seed was planted. And I grew up watching my dad, seeing his work ethic. I watched my parents work hard. I believe that has shaped the person I am today. ”

Bonding with co-stars

Discussing her work experience with co-stars, Saiee says, “Working with Adivi Sesh is akin to working with family. He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with him on a film. And now that I can call him a friend, I’m even happier. And Ram is fantastic. We talk a lot about food and travel. We have a lot of common interests. I’m a chatterbox and he’s a chatterbox and because of that we have so much fun on set. Working with Ram has also been a valuable learning experience for me. Hearing about his experiences has been extremely motivating.”

Forging her own style

Fashion and entertainment impact each other. “I believe that entertainment places fashion in the spotlight and makes it a trend,” says Saiee. Fashion for her is being able to effortlessly blend what is trending with her individual style. “If it’s a casual party, black is always a good choice for me. And if it's a special occasion, I like to go all out with the flowy gown. But I don’t like to go overboard with glitter, shimmering colours, or jewellery. I prefer to keep it simple and neutral; but I also enjoy looking and feeling pretty,” she shares. And what about when the spotlights are turned off? “Anything that I can put on and feel at ease in,” she replies.

Biggest fear

“There will always be those who will point fingers and try to bring me down. I believe that’s something I’ll have to deal with eventually.”

Spiritual strength

“My mother is a deeply spiritual person,” says the actress. She claims she is not the most spiritual person on the planet, but quickly adds, “I’m sure there’s a little spiritual person inside of me waiting to come out, because, perhaps, I’m a little restless. But a part of me longs for the mental peace, calm, and stability that only spirituality can provide. So I’m trying to be more deliberate about it. I believe I am becoming more confident.”


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