Every time Shah Rukh removed his shirt for Dard-E-Disco, I would throw up: Farah

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The choreographer-turned-director shares some of the trivia associated with 'Om Shanti Om' as it completes 10 years.

Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have worked in three films as actor-director.

Mumbai: People will remember 9 November 2007 not just for the much-hyped Diwali clash between ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’, but also as the date where three stars Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor were born.

The films celebrated 10 years of its release on Thursday and both the teams were celebrating the occasion.

Sonam Kapoor shared pictures of some of her memorable works in her 10-year journey in the industry and even Farah Khan, the director of 'Om Shanti Om', went on a nostalgia node posting numerous pictures and sharing her memories of each of them.

The choreographer-turned-director also revealed some interesting trivia about the film in an interview with Pinkvilla.

Farah was pregnant with her triplets at the time and the producer and her friend Shah Rukh Khan ensured she was pampered enough.

"It was difficult, but Shah Rukh Khan had bought a big lazy boy couch for me and was insistent that I sit on it. I used to be lying on that and shouting on the mike," she told the entertainment portal.

SRK made all the right noises before the release by flaunting his six-pack abs for the first time, but Farah's pregnancy made it difficult for her during the shoot of the song ‘Dard-E-Disco.’

"During Dard-E-Disco, I had morning sickness so it was very funny because every time Shah Rukh would remove his shirt, I would throw up and he was like 'what is this' and I was like 'No No your body looks fab, but it is just that I have three bodies inside me so I was just non-stop puking'."

Farah cast a fresh face, Deepika Padukone, who was only a popular model and daughter of famous badminton star Prakash Padukone, before 'Om Shanti Om'.

About Deepika, Farah said, “Deepika was absolutely raw and you don't really have to do much when Shah Rukh is the hero. He just took her, I mean I would, of course, sit with her and tell her what to do, but he would sit in the lunch break and motivate her. I would say Shah Rukh, I just have to say look down, look up, look left or right. He was lovely actually and very patient and a very generous actor. I mean even if his take was good, he would do it hundred more times till her take is fine."

Any scene the Bangalore girl found difficult? "There is one scene after Main Agar Kahoon song where they are walking on the empty set. I got a very special scene between the two, probably the only romantic scene between them. In that scene, he really helped Deepika out a lot. He was telling her that how you should pretend you are in love and all and she just broke down and told him that I was just 12 years old when Dilwale (DDLJ) released and I was like, 'did you have to tell him that right now when you were doing a romantic scene?'."

The film might just go down in history as one with maximum number of cameos or special appearances.

Asked about it, Farah said, "We had too many cameos in the movie. You know actually, half the film industry is in this, not only half, I think 3/4th is in the movie. Either, they are in the song or doing a cameo like Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan. It was lovely to make a movie about the film industry and have the film industry in it."

"I think that was the last of the films where we were like a big happy family and also let me tell you that they did not have managers or PRs then to make our lives difficult. I would just make one call and meet them and they would come on board. Of course, Shah Rukh Khan also had tremendous goodwill, but I think it will be really difficult for someone to do it today. Then I just met people and they sweetly agreed. Salman toh I did not have to meet, he was like 'tu mereko time bol main aa jaounga'."

The film turned out to be massive success and the song ‘Deewangi Dewaangi’ deserves substantial credit for it.

From Salman Khan to Dharmendra, most of the stars made an appearance in it. However, Farah reveals that despite the grandeur of the song, it was difficult as well.

"It was lovely, I was having a party for six days. But you know, it is the most difficult song that I have done. It looks easy, but it took me almost a week to script it and who will come first and second and who should come in the final, at what point should we introduce a Dharamji or Mithun Da or a Kajol. All that took a lot of thought."

"The challenge was more regarding the logistic thing. When they see the song they shouldn't feel ki 'arey mera cut kia'. You know to give them that respect and equal screen space was a challenge."

However, Farah feels that such camaraderie between the film stars seems unlikely among the current bunch of actors.

"I think the younger generation is very cynical. I was telling someone that maybe they won't have great fights and great enmities, but there won't be great friendships either. I mean they are nice and all, but I don't think they share the camaraderie which we see in Om Shanti Om."

You can also relive some of the memories of the film by checking out these pictures Farah shared and what Shah Rukh and Deepika responded to it.