Jagga Jasoos: Disney cautious about Anurag Basu's 'lifting scenes' inclination?

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With Anurag Basu having a reputation for “lifting scenes”, his upcoming film Jagga Jasoos is under scrutiny.

Anurag Basu and poster of 'Jagga Jasoos.'

So here is the thing. One blogger has accused Anurag Basu’s forthcoming Jagga Jasoos of seeming inspired by the Tintin comics. Anurag, of course, completely denies the allegation. Just as he had denied lifting scenes from Charlie Chaplin films in his previous film Barfi.

Displaying no pre-release jitters — he is busy indulging in his favourite stress-busting activity — cooking. He says, “Let the film release. Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho jayega.”

However, the film’s producers are taking no chances. They have set into motion an in depth examination of the film’s content looking for shreds of inspiration from extraneous source.

Let’s not forget, the same studio had burnt its fingers with the director’s previous film Barfi, which had scenes lifted directly from Charlie Chaplin films.

Says a source, “Anurag does have a reputation for lifting scenes. One of his early films, Saaya, was lifted from a Hollywood film Dragonfly. Anurag’s Tumsa Nahin Dekha was inspired  by Arthur. With copyright laws being what they are, Disney is taking no chances. The entire Tintin comparison is being explored to avoid litigation after release.”