Sonam Kapoor thinks RGV not liking Tiger Shroff is a good sign. Here is why!

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The outspoken actress spoke well of Tiger Shroff and thinks he is ‘cool and least bothered’.

Ram Gopal Varma and Sonam Kapoor.

Mumbai: Controversy and filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) are these days best of friends. A day after an allegedly sexist and degrading International Women’s Day tweet, where he wished that all women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives, the Director is back in the news for a comment he had made on Tiger Shroff.

This time Sonam Kapoor gives it back to RGV by saying that Tiger Shroff is better off without the Direcor liking him. The forthright actress was quoted as saying, “They should be happy that Ramu doesn’t like Tiger. Whoever Ramu doesn’t like, does very well. I am very happy.”

Sonam also expressed her fondness towards the young actor, she added, “I like Tiger. He’s very cool and least bothered. He is very well-behaved and performs so beautifully. I saw him performing recently at an awards event and he did such a good job. It was a pleasure to watch. I just haven’t had the chance to watch his performance, except for his first film, but whatever I see him at events and parties, I find the way he conducts himself very dignified.”

For the uninitiated, Tiger Shroff celebrated his birthday on March 2 and everyone – from people within the industry to fans- wished the very best for this young lad expect for one person, Ram Gopa Varma. In a series of tweets, RGV was highly critical of Tiger and asked him not to pose the ‘urmilaish way’, to man up and exhibit ‘machoism’ like his father Jackie Shroff. Upon facing backlash, Ramu justified his tweets saying that he was only appreciating Jackie and that Tiger and his mother Aisha Shroff should not take his remarks to heart.

The Tiger Shroff controversy may have died down but not the one involving Sunny Leone. A police complaint has been filed against him and the Film Studio Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union - a 52,000 member body has decided to boycott the filmmaker.