Home is where the heart is: Shraddha Kapoor

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...says Shraddha Kapoor, as she also quashes rumours regarding her relationship.

Shraddha Kapoor

After Aashiqui 2, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur will come together once again on the silver screen with OK Jaanu, which is slated to release this Friday.

As she talks about her film, Shraddha says she believes the issues that are highlighted in the movie are contemporary. “We have a very realistic take on live-in relationships,” she explains. “I have discussed this with my friends and I have realised that many think it’s fine to get into a live-in relationship. One should do whatever makes them happy.”

Continuing about the topic of live-in, Shraddha also takes this as an opportunity to quash rumours about her apparently moving in with actor Farhan Akhtar. She clarifies, “It is ridiculous to write something like this in the media on the basis of sources. Journalism is a responsible job. Main kya action loon? All I can say is please confirm before penning it down.”

If Shraddha ever had a chance, the actress admits she would get her partner home after getting hitched! “Jee haan, mera bus chale toh, (If I could have my way), I will bring my husband home. You never know,” she laughs. “For me, home is where the heart is. I love my parents to such an extent that if they are okay with me getting my partner (after marriage) home, I will. I have been living in my parents’ home all my life, so it will be difficult for me. I am attached to my maasi, and brother as well. The very thought of leaving them is a dreadful feeling.” Talking about her loved ones gets her extremely nostalgic about her childhood. Shraddha reminisces, “Recently, when I opened an old box containing my childhood toys, it was such a lovely feeling. I love my room as I was born here and lived here. Initially, my brother and I would share this room, but once we grew up, we would often fight for this room, which ultimately came to me,” she laughs.

Like everyone else, Shraddha too has a favourite corner in her room. “It’s simply a bedcover folded up with two pillows in the corner, near the window. I sit here every morning and meditate. Surprisingly, I have always seen butterflies flying into my room from this corner. I also watch the rising sun from this place every day.”

Shraddha also has a green thumb, and even boasts of a small green space in her room. She says, “Whatever I plant, manages to flourish. I take care of the money plant, a hibiscus plant and an aloe vera shoot among others. I love gardening, but at the moment, I am happy caring for the plants on my window.”

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