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Our journey has been exciting and challenging'


Published on: June 8, 2023 | Updated on: June 8, 2023

Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt has never shied away from breaking new ground. At a recent press conference on the latest in the 1920 horror franchise — 1920: Horror of Hearts, he spoke of taking the bold step of casting newcomers in earlier films like Raaz, and now, letting the new generation take over

On giving new faces a chance

Raaz was a film with a non-star cast. We made it with Dino Moreo and Bipasha Basu who weren’t big stars then. The franchise story always works and thus at that time our film worked wonderfully. History is being repeated. We have cast Avika Gor in this film. We are taking it down South. Avika may not have done films here but she is a well-known star in the Telugu and Tamil industries.

On passing the baton to the coming generation

I have been here for 54 years and Vikram is here for 35. Now our younger generation is taking the legacy ahead. Covid brought us to the edge of the graveyard; it was then that this child Krishna Bhatt took the responsibility of making this horror concept. Our journey has been exciting and challenging.

On filmmakers’ fearfulness about theatre releases

Every filmmaker in today’s times fears that audiences won’t come to theatres. But we have tried to bring the 1920 franchise to theatres as there is scarcity of films releasing in cinema halls.