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When you wear the uniform, even your gait changes!


Published on: May 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 4, 2023

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, who plays a cop for the first time in Dahaad, is thrilled with her strong role. She says just wearing a uniform impacted her personality and gait. The crime drama created by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, is helmed by Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi. Here is Sonakshi, in a brief conversation with the media:

How different is your cop avatar in Dahaad from Chulbul Pandey, played by Salman Khan, in your debut film Dabaang?

My role as Anjali Bhati is very different from Chulbul Pandey. She knows what she wants, and what she’s doing, she’s on the side of justice. I was lucky to get such a character. It’s very rare that you get such powerful roles. You feel there’s no way you can let go of such a part. It’s time we represented real and strong women on the screen. Why should boys have all the fun? There are so many stories like this to be told. It was really an honour to play this part.

How has the representation of women cops in Indian cinema changed over the years?

We haven’t seen too many women cops in Indian cinema. I can’t name any that stand out. But I hope Anjali Bhati becomes the character that people refer to when they talk about the portrayal of women cops in cinema.

How did you prepare for this character? Was doing action sequences easy?

 I was born to play this character. I had to look a certain way. Honestly, when you wear uniform, aap ki chal badal jati hai. You walk straighter, you become tough. I learned how to drive a bike and have bought one for myself. I love driving it (my mom cautions me to drive carefully). I also had to learn the dialect. It is a wonderful role.