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Binding the family together is the best feeling: Sara Ali Khan


Published on: January 3, 2019 | Updated on: January 3, 2019

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan has firmly based her feet in Bollywood with two back-to-back film releases. Her acting skills have the audiences’ approval though she feels she still has a long way to go, with a lot more to prove. She says, "The only thing I needed was to see myself on screen first. I understand that the opinions of my parents, friends, seniors, and audiences matter a lot. Seeing the appreciation, I feel a duty now," she says. 

The 25-year-old further shares, "Your battles keep changing as there are new challenges. Now the challenge is not searching for acceptance. I have done Kedarnath and Simmba and I’ve worked hard, done my best and also received 80 per cent of praise. 20 per cent is good karma and they know I am a sweet person and they will not write me off."

For a newcomer, maneuvering different genres and films in Bollywood can be perplexing, but Sara wants to challenge herself as an actor and wants directors to give her a chance. 

Now that she has arrived and is here to stay, brand endorsements will soon come knocking at her door. Her mom has been the guiding light in her life and even accompanies her to film narrations. But Sara has the last word before signing on the dotted line. Her resemblance to a young Amrita Singh has been talked about multiple times, but she will only really take a compliment when she can match her mothers acting skills, "I took a picture of me in purple lipstick and there was a picture of my mom thirty years ago in purple lipstick. It’s more of DNA and chance. I felt ‘wow we are doing the same thing’…. but I don’t know about acting. She is an extremely fine actor and it will take me a long time to be compared to her," she says.

Her grandmother, the veteran actress Sharmila Tagore also dotes on her granddaughter and has said repeatedly how proud she is of her achievements. Sara has now become the binding thread between both the families, "Dadi is getting a lot of messages from people and she forwards those messages to my mom which is a big thing. There’s no happiness greater than this feeling," she graciously shares.

Sara would love to do a third film, but she has not read any scripts yet. While holidays are also not on the cards, Sara knows where she’s headed for her next destination, but not without her mother. "Last holiday I went for a holiday without my mother. But this time if things work for us…I will take her along with me. This time we will go to Ajmer Sharif and we will also pay a visit to the Golden Temple."