In no hurry to get married, says Shruti Haasan

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sashidhar Adivi

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Actress Shruti Haasan reflects on her decade-long film journey while revealing her thoughts on relationships and marriage

Shruti Haasan and Michael Corsale.

Shruti Haasan is all ecstatic at having completed 10 years in the world of showbiz. Describing her journey as ‘fantastic’, the actress says, “I feel blessed to have made it this far. Considering that there are so many people who are still waiting to make it, I feel fortunate. My dad used to tell me that it’s not about making an impact, longevity is what matters.”

Ascribing her longevity to filmmakers who have penned beautiful characters for her, Shruti states that hard work and opportunity have been the decisive factors in her career.

“I have realised that people are quick to judge others, but I don’t want to be judged. We want everyone to understand our predicaments too,” she says.

Working with some of the top actors in the various film industries has inspired Shruti, who is very passionate about her work. However, the actress admits that she is mostly reserved, a trait that has often been misconstrued as ‘arrogance’. “I talk to people who I am comfortable with, but with strangers, I am an introvert. As an artiste though, I believe that my work should communicate everything,” she states.

Looking back, Shruti was even tagged as an ‘iron leg’ at one point of time. But the actress is quick to point out that it never mattered to her. “I never live my life based on how others tag me,” she says, adding, “Of course, I get hurt too, but I know that if I work hard, the results are bound to show up at some point.”

Of late, Shruti has slowed down in terms of signing films, although she has been getting many lucrative offers. Explaining that she has been busy completing her international music album, she replies, “You can’t keep making choices that you made five years ago. The phase that you are in determines your choice of script. I want to do films on my own terms and where I can contribute.  I am in a different phase now, and I am choosy.”

Prod her about her impeding wedding to beau Michael Corsale, and the actress remains tight-lipped. “The ramifications of marriage are different for me and other women. I am not getting married, and I have never been in a hurry to get married. I will enter wedlock whenever I feel like it. Right now, I am not even thinking about it. No relationship determines that you need to get married at a certain time,” says Shruti, who admits that being in a relationship is a liberating experience. “It is indeed liberating for everyone if they find the right person. Everyone just needs to give themselves the opportunity to grow and embrace the change.”