Shah Rukh Khan’s shoot delayed

Deccan Chronicle.  | Sanskriti Ramachandran

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Permissions regarding foreign locales taking more time

Shah Rukh Khan

Looks like Shah Rukh Khan will have to wait a bit longer to get back into the swing of movie-making. While the shooting of Pathan is half done, it appears that permissions to shoot the remaining half in foreign locations is taking time.

“Most of the shoot is abroad. Director Siddharth Anand wanted to shoot in locations like Afghanistan, Siberia, Italy etc., but has managed to film only in Russia thus far,” reveals a source. Even Abu Dhabi which is a film-friendly location, has not opened up. So Shah Rukh is biding his time,” the source adds.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh will be performing a lot of stunts that he has never tried before in the film, and he has had some special training,” says the source. “There is something called a 'fire blast' sequence and he has trained hard for it as well as for the fight sequences.”