Tuesday, 2018
Bhadrapada Shuddha Purnima till 8.20 am
Uttarabhadra till 12.58 am
9.45 am to 11.27 am
8.32 am to 9.20 am; 10.55 pm to 11.43 pm
3 pm to 4.30 pm
Sunset today:
6:10 PM
Sunrise Tomorrow:
6:06 AM

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

It could be a very tough day professionally. You might have to deal with many things at the same time. Make sure that you delegate the work and do not lose focus under pressure.
#Aries Weekly Prediction

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

You should pay attention to the needs of your family members, especially your children. Plan an outing to cheer them up. Financially, it’s a good time.
#Taurus Weekly Prediction

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

On the romantic front, be very careful before you take your relationship to the next level. Discuss everything with your family before you take a decision.
#Gemini Weekly Prediction

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Some of you may have a tiff with a close friend. But the best way to solve any problem, is to talk about it. Understand what is bothering them and try to patch up. Avoid eating outside.
#Cancer Weekly Prediction

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 23)

Financially, you might have to face some serious crisis today. Seek your friends’ help to sort the issue out. Also, abstain from investing money in stock market or shares for a while.
#Leo Weekly Prediction

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 23)

Those who are planning to start their own business need to make sure that all the official documents are in place. Try to give more time to your loved ones. It is also a good time financially, so invest in a venture you believe in.
#Virgo Weekly Prediction

Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23)

It’s time you concentrated on yourself. Give yourself time to think about your future endeavours and what you want to achieve. You should take a break from work and indulge in activities you like.
#Libra Weekly Prediction

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

It could be a dull and monotonous day at work. Plan a nice evening with your friends. Those who are single might meet someone interesting today.
#Scorpio Weekly Prediction

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Not everything that we want comes true. However, one should not stop working towards achieving their goals. Meditation will help you focus.
#Sagittarius Weekly Prediction

Capricon (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

It’s finally time to let your hair down and do what you always wanted to do. Follow your dreams and have fun. Be careful while travelling.
#Capricon Weekly Prediction

Aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

It’s important to respect and love your partner, but don’t let anyone walk over you. Financially, it is not a very good phase. Make a budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses.
#Aquarius Weekly Prediction

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

While it is necessary to work hard towards realising your goals, it is also imperative to allow yourself to daydream. Take time off your busy schedule to meet new people. Students might find it tough to concentrate on studies.
#Pisces Weekly Prediction