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Australia Forging Closer Ties With India to Offer Digital Health Solutions


Published on: September 6, 2023 | Updated on: September 6, 2023

(L-R) Mr Ben Richardson, Managing Director, Equinox. Health, Mr Philip Woolff, Chief Operating Officer, Echo IQ, Mr Abdul Ekram, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) & Ms Rebecca Freath, Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Logic, at a press conference organised to announce about the delegation from Australian Digital Health Mission meeting the Indian healthcare industry to explore partnerships and collaborations, today at a hotel. (image: DC)

Hyderabad: An 11-member Australian Digital Health Trade Mission visited Hyderabad as a part of Australia India Business Exchange program organised by The Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government.

The Australian Digital Health Trade Mission included senior representatives from Digital Health and MedTech companies representing three key areas of health services - Artificial Intelligence, Medical Devices and Electronic Health records.

The delegation met with India’s leading public and private healthcare hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, telehealth, and remote health service providers across Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad between 1 – 6 September to explore partnership opportunities.

Australia – The Ideal partner for Digital Health solutions

Digital health, which encompasses eHealth, hospital information systems (HIS), telemedicine, and health informatics, software as medical devices, information and communication technology to deliver and manage health services.

Australia is implementing digital health solutions to grow a sustainable healthcare system and respond to system-wide challenges including increased cost and demand pressures, greater demand for personalised care and an ageing population.  

Australia and India share same vision of implementing citizen centric decentralised healthcare to make it efficient and accessible.  Indian Government’s initiatives to implement unique health identifier and universal healthcare coverage for their citizens will surely make healthcare efficient, accessible, inclusive and affordable in India.

Similar to India’s vision, over 90 per cent of Australian residents have now MyHealth record, an online summary of patients’ key health information, which is accessible at any time by the patient, and by healthcare providers when required.

Speaking about the Digital Health Trade Mission, Mr Abdul Ekram, Trade and Investment Commissioner, Australian Trade & Investment Commission, Australian Government said, "It is remarkable to see India’s progress towards healthcare digital transformation.  India’s initiative to provide universal healthcare for all their citizens is one of the largest of its kind in the world.  Innovation in digital health has been a central pillar of Australia’s approach.  Australian solutions in respiratory health, hearing health, remote care and artificial intelligence in diagnostics and patient care are making impact in the Indian health ecosystem. It is an important time to be in India and to be connecting with one of the fastest growing economies and position Australia as a trusted partner in Digital health."