Drones, technology from CES

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Event showcased high-definition TVs, drones and turntable.

The electricity-powered BUDD-e concept car unveiled by German carmaker Volkswagen.

Hyderabad: This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 packed a punch and much promise. The event showcased high-definition TVs, drones, stunning cameras, sound systems and even a turntable.

The turntable was from Sony — the $600 PS-HX500. The record player even boasted a built-in amp. Speaking of sound, the event also showcased Hush, a product described by its creators as the “world’s fir-st smart earplugs.” The earplugs will play “masking sounds designed to help you get to sleep”.

There were lots and lots of drones too. Take the Fleye for example, it has a single propeller, is small and has a stunning camera attached.  Virtual Reality too made an entry, again, with the team behind the highly-anticipated Oculus Rift showcasing an almost production-ready model.

But perhaps the most ambitious product on display was the EHang 184 autonomous aerial vehicle. The drone is large enough to fit a human passenger. No more traffic snarls. There were carmakers too. VW showcased the BUDD-e electric and “connected car”. Others too showcased designs that could revolutionise the way we travel or commute in the future.

The Fleye drone, which has a single propeller and a mounted camera.