Video: IS threatens to attack New York, shows suicide bombers walking into Times Square


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NYPD says it will continue additional counter terrorism teams throughout the city

Times Square New York City (Photo: Pixabay)

New York: The New York Police Department says it's aware of a newly released Islamic State group video showing images of Times Square but says there's no current or specific threat to the city.

An NYPD spokesman says in a statement issued Wednesday that some of the video footage is old but the video reaffirms the message the city remains a top terrorist target. He says the police department will remain vigilant and continue to work with the FBI and the intelligence community.

The NYPD says it will continue to deploy additional counter terrorism teams throughout the city.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city won't be intimidated. He says people should continue to live their lives and "enjoy the greatest city in the world."

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he has directed state agencies to "enhance their preparedness."