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Practise the art of candle meditation to reap amazing benefits

The use of lights as an adjunct to meditate goes back to the beginning of time. Practise the art of candle meditation to reap amazing benefits
The writer is an alternative medicine practitioner

The writer is an alternative medicine practitioner

The writer is an alternative medicine practitioner

Candles symbolise light in the darkness — illumination — of the spirit of Truth. Light is pure as it penetrates darkness, it moves with incredible velocity, it nourishes life and illumines all that comes under its influence. Therefore, it is a fitting symbol of all that is pure. Lighting a candle can help us in our spiritual path and the flame of the candle resemble the flame of our spirit.

To practise candle mediation one needs to have at least 20 to 30 minutes of “do not disturb me time”.

Steps for candle Meditation  
Choose a place that is peaceful. Meditation with candles is a deeper level of relaxation, so the location must be absolutely calm and  full of divine energy.

Candle selection
Selecting the right kind of a candle is crucial as it depends upon person to person. If the purpose is just to learn concentration, feel free to select any candle that can light properly. If the purpose is more spiritual then the selection of candle must be more particular. The theory of colour therapy signifies different colours that are associated with certain feelings and emotions.

The same knowledge applies here. For example, blue and white candles are for inner peace, protection and purification. Purple and indigo candles are for spirituality and intuition. Orange and blue are for healing purposes and black candles are for eliminating negative thoughts and  confusions. While pink candles are for love, happiness and romance. Your goal for lighting the candles must be sure.

Sit comfortably
One needs to sit in silence for at least 15 to 25 minutes. To avoid any disturbance and to achieve a higher level of peace, make sure the chosen place is comfortable.

Lighting the candle
Place the candle from where you can easily gaze upon its flame. Before lighting, invoke your ascended masters, Guardian angels and your higher self for the purpose of healing and prayer. Try to focus as much as you can on just the flame and don’t let your eyes wander. Relax and let all the thoughts fade away and pray.

The flame has many specifications like: The blue and black ones signify the spirit within you and represent the relationship between your body and spirit while the white flame represents the Divine within yourself. It also shows the peace within an environment.

The more we gaze into the white flame the more we get closer to purity and divine blessings. The glow around the flame specifies that the soul is on the highest level of spiritual well being.

Candles can be lighted for many purposes and intentions. Invoke more and more light in your life through lighting candles.

The writer is an alternative medicine practitioner