Heart transported from Pune to Mumbai in just 60 minutes

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Life of a 22-year-old was saved after a successful and well-coordinated heart transplant

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Mumbai: The life of a 22-year-old was saved after a successful and well-coordinated heart transplant took place in the city after almost 40 years. Fortis Hospital, which conducted the operation, received the heart from Pune where it was given by a 42-year-old donor at Jehangir Hospital, after consent was given by the family members.

With the green corridors enabled by the Pune and Mumbai Police and Airport Authorities, the heart reached Fortis Hospital, Mulund in 60 minutes after being harvested. The usually busy 19 kilometre-route from the domestic airport was cleared of traffic by the authorities so that the preserved heart could reach the Operation Theatre at Fortis Hospital, Mulund in a record time of 18 minutes straight.

The operation, which ended in over two hours, was declared successful and the family awaiting the news was relieved that their child was given a new lease of life. The patient was suffering from intracranial bleeding which occurs when a blood vessel within the skull ruptures or leaks and can lead to physical trauma or hemorrhagic stroke. The donor had decided on the heart donation many days ago.

Dr Anvay Mulay, head of cardiac surgery at Fortis said, “This is the beginning of a robust heart transplant programme in Mumbai and it will help save many lives.”

The request to enable the “green corridor” was received by the Pune traffic police, the Airport Authority of India and the Mumbai Traffic Police around 10 am today. The authorities were quick to act and the two cities were ready with the arrangements for the green corridor within 20 minutes from the time of initial request to aid. Clearing the traffic on the roads, stalling red lights, flight coordination was done smoothly and in record time. This proved to be a well-orchestrated symphony between the two cities and its local administrations. The green corridor was created by the human chains made by the police officials on the entire stretch therefore saving a life.

Milind Bharambe, joint commissioner, traffic, Mumbai, said, “Meticulous planning and timely execution made this feat possible. Advancing from the green corridor in Pune, the heart was airlifted from Pune airport to Mumbai, moving further from Santa Cruz airport to Military Road to Santa Cruz-Chembur Link Road to Eastern Express Highway and finally to Fortis Hospital, Mulund. Saving a valuable life made it well worth the effort and we are grateful that the citizens of Mumbai who cooperated willingly in this humane endeavour.”