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Alia says Varun but Karan vouches for Farhan, here's why

DECCAN CHRONICLE | natasha coutinho

Published on: July 30, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

Mumbai: Bollywood’s sweetheart Alia Bhatt can't get enough of her favourite superhero Flash. From watching the show to reading comic books, Alia has become a Flash aficionado.

During a recent shoot for the promo of newly launched channel; Alia was extremely fascinated with her Flash earrings and phone cover. On being asked who would make the perfect ‘Flash’ from Bollywood, the petite actress commented, "If I had to cast an Indian actor for The Flash I think it'll be somebody who has a lot of energy, and that would be to Varun!"

On contrary, Karan Johar commented, "In the Hindi Cinema perspective, as Flash I would totally cast Farhan Akhtar, I think no one runs like him, like we all know."