Watch: Fox laughs hysterically while eating a pigeon

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Fox is clearly possessed by some sort of devil


Fox are known to be sinister creatures, and this fox must have taken a lesson in villainy because her maniacal laugh as she picks at a dead pigeon is quite something.


Quite contrary to the fox up that melted our hearts, this one is ready to haunt us. 


The video description says, "This is Luna my Red (Silver in color) Fox (domesticated). She caught this pigeon out of mid air after it escaped from its coop, this was an ACCIDENT and we didn't know what happened until it was entirely too late. But it at least gave us some insight to some fox noises you may not hear very often. This is her "I'm soooo happy, but please don't take this away from me, I love my treasure soooo much." noise. It almost sounds like laughing." 


Watch the fox break into her evil laugh: