Film on archery champ Cherukuri Dolly Shivani

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Her father is okay with the idea of a movie on Dolly but he doesn’t want her to act in any of them

We are family: Dolly Shivani with her mother Krishna Kumari and father Satyanarayana
Hyderabad: Three-year-old Cherukuri Dolly Shivani just set a new national archery record. She has become a much sought-after subject for filmmakers world over. On March 24, Dolly proved she was truly an archery prodigy by scoring 388 points out of 700 in two events in Vijayawada and setting up a new national record. Applause poured in from all over the world. 


Dolly, in fact, caught the attention of New York-based documentary filmmaker Jamie Dobie, who is currently working for Peace is Loud, an organisation founded by Abigail Disney from the famous Walt Disney family.


“Dobie wants to make a short documentary film on Dolly with the help of cameramen from the ESPN sports network and we have okayed it, since there is need for other kids in this country to become aware of sports and games”, says Dolly’s father Cherukuri Satyanarayana, head of Volga Archery Academy, that has produced dozens of international and national archers.


Not just Jamie Dobie, Abras Khan, a Mumbai-based filmmaker also approached Cherukuri Satyanarayana to make a film on Dolly. Besides that, Telugu film writer Sanjeev of Osey Ramulamma fame is all set to make a serial and film on Dolly Shivani and her family dedicated to archery. 


Dolly is a surrogate child to Satyanarayana and Krishna Kumari. The couple’s two children Cherukuri Lenin and Cherukuri Volga, international archers in their own right, were killed in mishaps some years ago. Lenin was the Indian coach for archery at the Commonwealth Games held in India. 


Dolly also has a chance to play little sister to the heroine in a movie to be directed by a top Tamil director. “Since Sanjeev is my friend, we agreed to do the serial and movie. The story will focus on our entire family including Lenin and Volga. I don’t want my daughter, who has just started her career in archery, to switch to a career in movies. So we have rejected offers from other directors,” says Cherukuri Satyanarayana.