TRS partymen corner subsidised tractors in Telangana State

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Under the scheme a farmer can buy a tractor that normally costs Rs 10 lakh for Rs 5 lakh

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Hyderabad: The Telangana government landed itself in a controvery over ‘subsidy tractors’. Several complaints over irregularities in selection of beneficiaries came to the fore. The government offers 50 per cent subsidy to farmers to buy tractors and other agriculture equipment under “Yantra Lakshmi” scheme, being implemented in association with the Centre for the mechanisation of agriculture.

However, there were complaints that only those close to the ruling TRS or its leaders are being selected for the sop in all districts in violation of stipulated norms and the recommendation letters issued by TRS MPs and MLAs play a ‘decisive role’ in selecting the beneficiaries.

Under the scheme, a farmer, can buy a tractor that normally costs Rs 10 lakh, for Rs 5 lakh, due to 50 per cent subsidy given by the government.

Even for the remaining amount, the government arranges bank loan for beneficiaries. Opposition parties have decided to complain to Governor, Lok Ayukta and the vigilance commission against irregularities in selecting beneficiaries to favour TRS leaders, activists and their followers.

The parties alleged corruption in selection of tractor manufacturing firms on the ground that expensive tractors were being supplied despite availability of cheaper tractors that are used by farmers in villages.

In CM’s home district Medak, as many as 43 beneficiaries were selected and tractors were handed over to 16 of them. Interestingly, all these were identified to be closer to TRS leaders.