Meet serial killer Barbie


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A Photographer turned Barbie into a serial killer and it’s terrifying

Barbie like you've never seen her before. (Picture courtesy: Mariel Clayton)


Science Barbie? Engineer Barbie? Doctor Barbie? Old, boring, inaccurate. Meet the new serial killer Barbie. Barbie is typically known for glitter, shoes and lots and lots of pink accessories. But what happens when Barbie is taken to a darker side?



Canadian photographer Mariel Clayton has taken her to just that place by introducing serial killer Barbie. Clayton uses miniatures and dolls to create violent, gruesome scenes of sweet Barbie murdering her eternal beau Ken, along with some fellow Barbie friends. Psycho-Barbie murders in a variety of morbid ways from grisly kitchen scenes to using body parts as holiday decorations.



The photographs have been met with everything from disgust to cheers, but either way, will leave your image of the pretty-in-pink world blood-splattered. 



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